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"Flags Across America Truck"

To honor all of the men and women that have served, or are currently serving in the United States armed services we (The Euclid Beach Boys®) have decided to transform one of  our parade vehicles to a patriotic themed float. 

The vehicle is designed to remind us all of what makes being an American so special. It not only proudly displays the United States Flag, but also those of the U.S. Military and all fifty states. The Military Flags serve as a solemn reminder that we are free because of all the men and women who died and gave that right to us all. The United States has always been referred to as a “melting pot” of diverse nationalities and customs. No where is that diversity better represented, than on the uniquely different state flags. Each of these flags visually portrays what is uniquely special about each of the fifty states that make up this great Union. Every square inch of the truck’s exterior is emblazoned with patriotic symbols and sayings. Patriotic music and a “fireworks style” bubble display round out this truck’s “PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN” theme.

Great Job you guys!!!! I was just as impressed with the vehicle.  I got very emotional the day we saw it because my Dad was a Marine and had a military funeral.  When I watched you and Dave fold the flag I could only think of the day they took the flag off of my Dad's coffin to fold it and present it to my Mom. Wow!!!!! You slightly Zany guys did good!!  As usual.


For more information about this uniquely designed vehicle, and rental information please contact us at 440-460-0565, or by email at: euclidbeachboys@aol.com


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